The Cindy Neuschwander Scholarship Fund

Established 2013

The Cindy Neuschwander Scholarship Fund was established in honor of her memory, generous spirit, and artistic talents. Loved by many in the art community, Cindy died in December 2012 from advanced stages of ovarian cancer. Recipients are talented and passionate high school graduates who show a willingness to explore and create art that enhances the lives of all of us. Our first recipient, Haylie Zapantis, was awarded $1,000 and is now enrolled at the Maryland Institute College of Art. In 2014, we awarded $5,000 among three recipients. Our aim is to increase the total scholarship amount yearly.

When I first met Cindy in 1998, she was still struggling to pay off her student loans. Due to her inability to meet every payment on time, she owed more than the original amount borrowed. And yet, as long as she could make her art, she was so passionate, dedicated and satisfied – regardless of her financial limitations. Cindy persevered and became a successful artist. But not all talented artists can weather such financial challenges. With this in mind, I am asking for your support to give a deserving high school student their chance to begin a college education with hopes for a great future.

This fund is managed as a separate entity of 1708 Gallery and can only be used for its intended scholarship purposes. Donations are 100% tax deductible and deeply appreciated.

Thank you very much for your consideration,
Jay Barrows